Portrait Concert of Chamber Music, sponsored by GEDOK

Mannheimer Morgen,  May 24, 1991 (Fischer) (translated) – Mannheim, Germany

GEDOK: Organization for German/Austrian Women in The Arts

“…The American composer, Elizabeth Austin, ….proved that contemporary music can not only be interesting and also aesthetically stimulating but also has the potential to fill concert halls…..One of the most prominent characteristics of her writing is the great discretion (‘delicacy’), one could almost say the great care with which the sound is created. This is especially conspicuous in the solo works, for instance, the premiere performance of the Sonata for Soprano Recorder or in Gathering Threads for B flat clarinet.

Furthermore, Austin’s penchant for quotation, as it is understood in a post-modern sense, is striking….Shock effect is not desired but rather, as in the case of Elegy for piano, four hands, where Chopin’s Marche Funebre is woven in, a preplanned association and growing together of the old with the new……superb brass quintet,  To Begin……audience was fascinated by Austin’s creative diversity and quality and applauded enthusiastically….”

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