Portrait Concert of Austin Piano Music – New York City

New York City; Jerome Reed, pianist; October, 2003

Fred Patella, New Music Connoisseur Vol. II, Nos. 3 &4 (2003)

The Puzzle Preludes (1995), a playful set for the piano featuring quotes and impressions of famous and recognizable piano music including motifs from Chopin and Beethoven sonatas…are the first hint of the loving tribute Austin’s music exudes not only to the composers from the past, but to music in general.  They  offer a glimpse into a rare talent for piano writing using the instrument masterfully for range, balance and sonority.

.. An American Triptych, a delightful contemporary recital work featuring a display of

demanding technique, but not excessively so, celebrate the rags, blues and a blaze of fun in its final movement,

Hoedown… Austin manages to find those elusive elements that link the glorious aspects of

piano music as addressed by its historic heroes with the relevance of the present. A link rather than a portrait, this music is one hundred percent in the world of modern contemporary piano music that has very properly thanked its predecessors…

the lyrical Rose Sonata (2002) for piano punctuated by four spoken poetic arias referring to roses

Austin’s concept includes Brahms and natural geometric forms found in roses that led her to write this warm flowing work, both which are directly involved in the actual construction of the music. … Elizabeth Austin is not without some formidable recognition here in the USA yet this American artist’s work is more greatly known and celebrated in Germany through regular performance, publication and overall high regard.  It’s time we welcomed her home.

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